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Berliner Zeitung, January 28, 2016: An instrument to embrace
“The accordion is not an uncool squeeze chest. That shows the orchestra Euphonia with its classical gimmicks.”
Inna Hartwich

Theatergemeinde Berlin, 06/2014: More refined than his reputation
“With her Euphonia accordion orchestra Sonja Merz has been trying to convince concert goers since 1985 that it is time to free the instrument from its drawer of prejudices. The orchestra consists of 23 musicians and plays arrangements of classical works as well as original compositions. Those who listen to their works must admit that the instrument has been underestimated. Here we are seriously making art: refined, differentiated, beautiful.”
Boris Kehrmann

Euphonia in the Berlin Tagesspiegel: “Nur keine Volksmusik”

The Tagesspiegel reported on July 15, 2011 about Sonja Merz and the accordionists of Euphonia. 
Read more: Only no folk music


Harmonica International, 5/2009:

Passionate Tango Evening in Berlin Passionskirche 
Berlin Accordion Orchestra Euphonia played Tangos with Luis Stazo and Peter Reil

The Berlin accordion orchestra Euphonia lived out its passion for tango on May 15th together with two great bandoneon players: Luis Stazo and Peter Reil. Under the direction of Sonja Merz they created an evening full of Tango Argentino and Tango Nuevo, with a calm solo bandoneon and a powerful orchestral sound.

The Argentinian Stazo and the Berliners obviously enjoyed their joint experiment; the tango legend wrote some special arrangements for the tango fans of the accordion orchestra Euphonia. […] – the Stazo arrangements particularly thrilled the more than 500 listeners in the Kreuzberg Passion Church. The bandoneons of Stazo and Reil have merged with the Euphonia accordions and have complemented the rhythm sharply. 

“Gran Maestro del Tango”
As soon as Luis Stazo holds his bandoneon in his hands, you don’t notice his old age. He is the “Gran Maestro del Tango”, who wrote tango history in the last 60 years as a bandoneon player of the old guard. He was perfectly complemented by Peter Reil, Germany’s most famous bandoneon player, who convinced with precision, swinging dynamics and his nuanced playing. 


Berlin Week, 30.5.2007:

Musicians made the breakthrough
Accordion orchestra achieved highest score at World Music Festival in Innsbruck

At the 9th World Music Festival in Innsbruck the accordion orchestra “Euphonia” of the music school Steglitz-Zehlendorf received the highest score.

300 orchestras and play groups from all over the world took part in the World Music Festival in Austria. The festival takes place every three years and is one of the most important competitions for sophisticated harmonica music.

In the category “Upper School” Euphonia achieved the first place among more than seventy competitors with the very rarely awarded maximum number of points and a clear distance. The orchestra leader Sonja Merz received the award certificate for her musical interpretation of the composition “Die Galerie” from the hands of the president of the Harmonica Association, the Minister of Economic Affairs of Baden-Württemberg Pfister.

About 25 dedicated amateurs between the ages of 15 and 65 play music under the name of Euphonia from a wide variety of professions. After various good placings at competitions in the past years, the success in Innsbruck now represents the international breakthrough. […]


Harmonica International, 1/2006:

The Royal Albert Hall stands in Berlin
Accordion orchestra Euphonia celebrated its 20th birthday

Under the motto “accordion with passion” the accordion orchestra Eupho

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